root@derBunker:~# Concert System

Date: 12/11/2023, 7:45:27 PM

I created my concert ticketing system using HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. This is for my CSCI 322 class. I am not allowed to post the source code, but you can grasp the contents by looking at the page's contents. I have not yet attempted to make it fully responsive, but it will be if I get around to it after the project is graded. Will be up soon. Default Login: Email: Password: 123 Ticketing System (Click Me)

root@derBunker:~# Text Tempo – Unleash Your Words, Beat the Clock.

Date: 8/2/2023, 2:38:38 PM

Partake in a stimulating exercise, wherein you'll engage in a thought-provoking prompt for 3 minutes, igniting your cognitive prowess. Receive your written response via email. Writing with a Tempo. This has been exhausted. Email server down.

root@derBunker:~# F*** Ads

Date: 7/22/2023, 7:06:21 PM

I present my very own paywallad-bypass solution. I can confidently assert that you can bypass any paywall (i just ate my own words). Every website is fair game. Freedom of Information, One Foot Away

root@derBunker:~# ML Model Training

Date: 7/18/2023, 8:13:17 PM

Today, 07/18/23, I have set a task to train a machine learning model to differentiate website components. Wish me luck. Edit 07/18/23: Here I have made a checklist of what I need to do: 1. Data Collection and Labeling 2. Preprocessing and Feature Extraction 3. Model Training 4. Model Evaluation and Iteration 5. Postprocessing 6. Deployment Edit 07/19/23: I have started to hand-label all the datasets. L. I also came across something odd. I don't have Excel on my MAC, so I tried to convert the CSV to google sheets, and for some reason, only two entries of the data are shown, and the rest disappear. So weird. So I have hit a roadblock. Not really, but I will have to switch to an RL model if I want to accomplish what I am trying. Alright, I think I am done for today. Better luck tomorrow. Edit 07/21/23: I have not been able to work on this project for the past few days. Well I could have but I decided to work on different projects. I will make a new post about my clone but better. I post once the propagation happens.

root@derBunker:~# My Apology...

Date: 7/12/2023, 3:01:55 PM

Ladies and gentlemen, I must humbly apologize for my previous behavior. It seems I may have portrayed myself as an absolute pimp, and for that, I am truly sorry. I understand that my flamboyant language and flashy style may have offended some of you, and I deeply regret any discomfort caused. Please know that my intention was never to disrespect or objectify anyone. I have taken this feedback to heart, and I promise to be more mindful of my words and actions in the future. Thank you for your understanding, and I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive this pimp for his past mistakes. Lol. Go use my apology generator. Apology Gen

root@derBunker:~# MOVEit sources

Date: 1688567618595.0

This list was simply scraped from a Google search, and the data was then put through a T5 NLP model to provide a summary. Summarized Data

root@derBunker:~# Big Vulnerability

Date: 1688135215075.0

I have read several headlines over the past few weeks about the MOVEit vulnerability, which is causing many businesses to scurry. It really strikes me as extremely intriguing that it wasn't just SQL injection being utilized, but also had the ability to go around cookies and "act" as the administrator, giving you complete access to the MOVEit server. I will be examining the data that was taken from these businesses over the course of the next few days and publishing another piece on it.

root@derBunker:~# "Writing Prompt"

Date: 1687957347281.0

I have a fun idea for a website. I will return to post on it once I have everything set up.

root@derBunker:~# Good

Date: 1687813610853.0

That worked better than I thought.

root@derBunker:~# Name Change

Date: 1687813264559.0

The word "blog" does not appeal to me much because it is frequently associated with unpleasant people. So I'm going to alter it to better suit my requirements. This will also be a good test to see if my data storage is properly setup.